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Travel Tips
This page is dedicated to a few generic travel tips.  If you have specific questions about your own trip that is not covered, please contact me directly and I can give your more personalized assistance.
General Travel Tips
Don't want to pay to check your bags when you fly?  Ship them instead!  A few days before you leave, ship them to yourself at the hotel where you will be staying.  Call the hotel to alert them of the shipment and they will hold your bags for you until you arrive.  It will not only save you money, but it will also save you time at baggage claim! Just be sure to check with the hotel on their policy BEFORE you ship your luggage.
Want to save some money on food costs while traveling?  Try eating one meal a day in your hotel room.  You can either bring some groceries from home, stop by a grocery store at your destination, or order online and have them delivered.  This is especially easy to do if you have a refrigerator in your  room.  Cereal bars and bagels are good choices for breakfast and sandwiches are great lunch options.  You can also bring your own drinks and avoid paying high prices at the hotel vending machines. 
A great way to have an affordable meal at an expensive restaurant is to have lunch.  Most places serve the same food at lunch and dinner, but the lunch offerings are smaller and much cheaper!
If traveling to a city where you will be using public transportation, buy a day or multi-day pass, depending on the length of your stay.  Most cities have both available.  This pass will allow you to ride an unlimited number of times on the subway and/or bus system for the length of the pass.  This is usually cheaper than paying for each fare individually. 
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